jillian g. meehan

I make stuff on the internet.

👅 lickability

I’m an Operations Associate at Lickability, a small software studio based in New York.

We’ve worked on apps for clients including The Atlantic, Aloe Bud, Houseparty, and The New Yorker. We also have a few apps of our own—check out Pinpoint and Accelerator on the App Store!

I run the Lickability blog and social media accounts, and I’m learning to code apps in Swift.

Want to work with us on a project? Get in touch at jillian@lickability.net.

🍭 snax

I’m building SNAX, a zine about all things snacks.

While SNAX is still in-progress, check out SNAX: Bite-Sized, a mini teaser of what’s to come.

If you’d like to contribute to the zine (or join our Slack), get in touch at snaxreport.com.

📝 writing

💌 newsletter

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🌟 extras

should i do this project? is a handy exercise for figuring out whether or not you should take on a new side project.

jillian donates is an in-progress page that keeps track of where I donate the commission I make from beauty affiliate programs every month.

👋 say hi

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. (pls do not contact me via LinkedIn.)

You can email me at jilliangmeehan@gmail.com.